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PCFFL 2013
August 29th 2013, 22:29 CEST by Gabe

Discussion for the 2013 PCFFL season. Also other sports talk if you desire. Just because I can.
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#5 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-04 06:59:23
The PCFFL Coach's Armchair -- 2013 Draft Grades

The 2013 NFL offseason was the first normal offseason for the NFL in a few years. Lest we all forget 2011 saw us staring down the barrel of a work stoppage and 2012 had the referee lockout that cost the Packers a win and all of us some points. In the PCFFL world, though,things could not have been darker. is all but dead, with even the bots have forsken the place. Our poor commish Trunks had a rough offseason with the Disney Business and PCFFL found itself adrift without a rudder or a home. Apathy looked like it would swallow the league when like a Phoenix* it burst into new life from those ashes. On August 26th the league found a new home at and a new, some would say super awesome, commish to shepard the league into a new era. With nary a week to get things going the league was formed, everyone signed up and a draft was held. It would have been considered a great success if 10 teams were able to make the move, but we found the league overflowing with 14! Truly good times are in front of us now.

With the expansion we have two new teams in the the league. Actually 1 new team, and one comeback. Gabe rejoins with the ďTaking One For the TeamsĒ and McBainís friend Sudheer rounds out the league with ďMonkey Tricks.Ē Everyone else from the 2012 campaign has returned to join us in this new venture.

Of course that does beg the question of zombies. The goodwill of a new league and bounty has lead management have a feeling of redemption for our former zombies. Their zombieness were not held against them and the draft order was done in worst to first order regardless of how we all go there. The new teams were inserted smack dab in the middle.

Speaking of the draft we saw a decent representation at it, though a tech sanfu marred it a little bit. It seems the Redbeards, Monkey Tricks and the Team that Time Forgot tried to join but were not able to right away. Only the Team that Wanted to Play Diablo and Draft at the Same Time got bit by this bug which resulted in an autopicked first round. Hopefully Andy Reid works wonders on Jamaal Charles for that Team With a Wordy Name. 11 owners participated in part, and 9 in full. Perennial absentee owners Utah and Arizona were absentee. Some things, after all, do not change. The Totes Adorbs Kittehs were off galavanting in Europe, allegedly. I personally have to question their commitment to their team and league.

All I can hope for the new season is that everyone enjoys themselves, no zombies will be seen and that there will be a repeat champion. Enough of that blather, on to the grades.

* This is not an endorsement of the Outlaws, and especially not their coach.

Draft Grades

Cherry Hill Chumps -- Absent for most of the draft they at least auto drafted AP. Thatís always a good move, so they get a +. Luckily the NFL autopicker isnít bonkers like the CBS one with loading up on kickers in the final rounds.
Grade: F+
Predicted record: 3-11

Leet Doodz -- Formerly from Boston (the league wasnít the only thing that moved), the  Doodz led off with C.J Spiller of the Bills who Doug Mahone says is going to get 1,000,000,000 carries this year. This will either work greatly in the Doodz favor, or not. Like, hurt in week 3 not. They followed this pick up with secretly disgruntled Larry Fitzgerald in AZ who has Ö uhm Ö someone, I guess, throwing the ball to him. Oh, thatís right, Raider cast off Carson Palmer. Thatís when I stopped looking.
Grade: D-
Predicted record: 4-10

Austin Blahas -- The Blahas continue to sport the Texansí logo for their avatar. So naturally they started off with a homer pick getting Arian Foster. They didnít stop there, choosing two more HOU players for their roster. Outside of the homers, they went Peter King with Tom Brady in the 3rd and questionably choosing 87 year old Steve Smith in CAR with their 4th pick.
Grade: H
Predicted record: 8-8

Utah Teen Brides -- What can we say about the Teen Brides? Well, the autopicker got them to the finals one year, so thereís that. This year the Autopicker chose the Bengals DST for them in the 8th round. I predict a long year for the Brides.
Grade: F-
Predicted record: 6-8

PA Marinos -- The Marinos were around just prior to the draft, but they were stoned and had the munchies so they had to wander off to get something to eat. They eventually returned to stock up that all important bench with Sam Bradford and Aaron Dobson. At least the non-stoned autopicker got Ray Rice and Andre Johnson. Too bad about Matt Stafford, though.
Grade: THC
Predicted record: 4-20

Arkansas TDs -- 2nd round pick, Steven Jackson, 3rd round, Roddy White, 4th round, Matt Ryan. More like Atlanta TDs. At least they held the homer pick off till the 15th round when they pissed it away on the Vikings DST.
Grade: A(tl)
Predicted record: 2-12

Taking One For The Team -- The Team that Took one for the Team took one from home by nabbing Andrew Luck in the 3rd round. Frank Gore and Jamaal Charles round out a top trio that the Team With Too Long of a Name wonít slight them with missed yardage bonuses like in their years past. Well, except Gore. He likes to get 150 combined yards, but not 100 in either often.
Grade:  C+
Predicted record: 7.6 - 11

Monkey Tricks -- A lot of the draft chatter centered on how the new guys always win it, with the Leet Doodz braying about how Ďgoodí and Ďseriousí the Monkees are (/me pours one out for Davy Jones). Well, our experience in the PCFFL is that itís none too kind to newbs, regardless of past leagues.Picking Tony Romo is a good way to meet that trial by fire, just ask other scorned Romo-ers.
Grade:  R
Predicted record: 1-13

Vancouver Rough Riders -- The Second City m0nties havenít sniffed the finals in the past couple years and were intent on rectifying that. A good draft positioning, despite their gripes, yield them Calvin Johnson, Peyton Manning and McFadden with their top 3 picks.
Grade: M
Predicted record: 7-7

Downunder Redbeards -- GOOD GOD MAN! Why are you picking Matt Forte in the first round? That never works out. No word if the Redbeard paid real money for that information or not. For their sake hereís hoping that Cam Newton reverses his sophomore year and doesnít pull a Dirty Sanchez on the Redbeards.
Grade: U
Predicted record: 3-11

San Francisco CG Robots -- Last yearís top regular season winner the Robots have a lot to prove that it was not a fluke (totally, have you seen their record over the years?). To that end they picked Drew Brees in the second round. In Brees we trust.
Grade: B(rees)
Predicted record: 6-9

BC Adorable Kitties -- The 49ers fan Kitties may have been flittering about France but the AutoPicker did them a solid homer and picked up Kaepernick, Vernon Davis and the 49er DST for them. If the 49ers can repeat, the Kittehs have a chance. If not theyíll wish they were back in France.
Grade: C-
Predicted record:  7-7

Arizona Outlaws -- Ray Lewis has retired so that must mean the Outlaws can forever now forget about queuing up a DST for a first round pick. It doesnít mean we will stop reminding them of that move, no, but pretty sure we wonít see it again. The autopicker must be a BotDog cousin, it chose Carson Palmer for them (bench QB so it wasnít 100% troll).
Grade:  F+
Predicted record: 6-8

Jersey Devils -- Our most awesomest of teams, if unoriginal name, and defending league champions have drafted a team of Awesome. Clearly the best of teams. We at the armchair donít see how you can go wrong with Rodgers at the helm Ridley in the backfield and Reggie Wayne on the outside. If itís possible to be to awesome this is it. Oh, whatís that? They took two kickers? Why in Godís name, why? And the Giants DST? Thatís a worse homer than anyone.
Grade: F
Predicted record: 2-12

General Shit

Finally our long national nightmare comes to an end.

I guess this makes Gabe our Browns or something.

Hugin allegedly wanted to join but sat on it all weekend. Metus, too.

Yea, the Leet Doodz technically may have relocated last year, but their name didnít.

Now that the Marinos are in the PacNW they no longer pine for Poulsbo, but PA. I donít get it either.

These predicted records probably donít add up square. Just a hunch.

Who am I kidding, regardless of how the Kittehs do theyíll wish they were back in France.

I wish that more than one weekend had the double MNF, unless it means Boomer and some other jerk announcing it. In that case I donít want it at all.

I suppose this concussion settlement means we donít have to feel guilty anymore about being NFL fans.

I joined two suicide leagues and couldnít find a single pick i felt comfortable about. Not even the Pats vs. Bills. Any given Sunday.

I actually moved this past summer. Same state, but in a new county. Felt ok keeping my team name.

Two hours and 1,700+ words. I have no idea how long I can keep this up, so enjoy it while it lasts. Itís not Peter King, but maybe a bit more amusing for our circle.

Will Sudheer ever read this? He certainly canít respond to it here, though.


Your team sucks.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#6 by eggbert
2013-09-04 07:24:33
Yeah, Armchair!


How dare you, I was at least an E. This is totally going to blow my metacritic rating.

According to the projected win totals, I'm pre season regular season champion! I don't think we even need to play, lets just assume that happens and come back in 15 weeks...
#7 by lwf
2013-09-04 07:49:56

As long as Peyton and Calvin don't get injured, I'm in.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#8 by Trunks
2013-09-04 09:31:38
Peyton's neck will suddenly snap loose when he tries to throw a 60 yard pass.

#9 by Greg
2013-09-04 15:48:01
I'm curious what teams that haven't picked yet will swoop in and have a winning record. The projected record of every team except maybe 2 is under .500.

#10 by McBain
2013-09-06 07:49:34

"The buyer of a [credit default swap] does not need to own the underlying security or other form of credit exposure; in fact the buyer does not even have to suffer a loss from the default event."  WHEEEE!
#11 by McBain
2013-09-06 07:50:04
Trunks, yeah, that Peyton Madden guy is totally washed up.

"The buyer of a [credit default swap] does not need to own the underlying security or other form of credit exposure; in fact the buyer does not even have to suffer a loss from the default event."  WHEEEE!
#12 by yotsuya
2013-09-08 08:24:30
Yay for Armchair!

#13 by Trunks
2013-09-10 08:13:26
To correct for no Romo meltdown, the universe ensured Philip Rivers collapse.
#14 by Matt Perkins
2013-09-11 05:38:43
Yep, my team blows...

Oh, and PA is Port Angeles, where I live now. No pining, just loving.

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#15 by lwf
2013-09-11 06:36:50
None of my other players cracked double digits but it doesn't matter because Peyton.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#16 by lwf
2013-09-11 06:37:06
Citizens demand armchair.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#17 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-11 06:58:49
The PCFFL Coach's Armchair Week 1

Iím in the end game of Saints Row IV and I totally forgot about this. True story. Also true is that Iím not a fan of the end and am somewhat grinding the story missions out to finish the game. I guess what I am saying is who knows how long this ride will last. Or, pretend that it was super late games yesterday with week 1 and all that and I couldnít stay up to watch Rivers and San Diego implode. Yea, thatís the ticket. Anyway, onto the shit.

Weekly Recap

NJ (92.36)vs. IND (75.81) -- What happens to you if you get 5.60 points out of 3 WRs on your active roster? YOU LOSE! (Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka style), thatís what. IND suffered a Torrey Smith brownout in the Lightning game on Thursday and managed to field the only skills player in the SF/GB game that did not get a point. Meanwhile their worst WR/flex player on the bench scored 6.90. Welcome Back to Fantasy, Gabe! For their effort the Devils road the coattails of Rodgers and Crazy Legs Bush (29.31 and 21.55 points respectively) to a comfortable week 1 win.

UTA (71.31)vs. PA(105.59) -- A duel of autopicked teams for this week and we see that the Teen Brides were totally jobbed. Bradshaw was a high draft pick (or is it low?) and saw him reel off an outstanding 1.65 point stinker. Not that they have anyone on the bench to make up for that, may be a long one for the Brides. The Marinos saw Matt Stafford to live for another week, and throw up a 20 spot to boot. WRs Marshall and Johnson rounded out there other top scorers with a 30 point combined effort to secure the win.

SF (56.29) vs. PHL (108.50) -- The CGI Robots picked up where they left off two years ago to prove that last year was a fluke by tossing the stinker of the week. 23 points from Brees and not much else for them. It was so awful that the Texans DEF was their next highest scorer (and double digit player) with 10 points. No help from the bench, either, you could roll that up into their score and theyíll still lose to the chumps by over 30. The Robots can only hope that this is an anomaly this week. The (autopicked) Chumps, though, got 3 TDs and 23 points out of AP despite getting stuffed after that opening run of the year. Eli Manning was their high hook with 35 points, but needed garbage time to get that,

BC (115.59) vs. AZ (104.25) -- Another battle of autopicked teams, this one saw our highest scoring (combined) game and narrowest margin of victory. If my recollection is right the Kitties phoned it in from EU and took the 49ers DEF out of the starting lineup ahead of that GB game. Smart move, but it only mattered to the tune of 2 more points. Kaepernick was tops for the Kitties with 35.34 points, but that teamed up with Boldin to help him along with 24.40 points of his own. Throw in J. Nelson from the GB side with 18.50 and it all adds up to the Kitties winning the points week. The (small) irony for the Outlaws is that Palmer got them more points on the bench, though not enough to win. Cruz led AZ with 29.90 points and J. Cook followed up with 24.05.

AUS (99.75) vs. MIN (84.08) -- The Redbeard-less and Doodz had to wait to Monday night to see how their game would resolve. AU feasted on 26 points from AJ Green and 23.5 from J. Thomas on TNF. They were even fortunate enough to get a double digit game from Forte. The Leet Doodz were not in the best position to win with only Griffin to play on Monday. Three players in double digits prior to Monday, but Fitzgerald with the high at 16 is not a recipe for success. Griffin recovered to get 21 points but it was too little too late for the Doodz.

VAN (96.34) vs. AR (73.52) -- Manning. Thatís it. Rough Riders had one player in double digits, but those double digits happen to score 59.14 points. The TDs were just as terrible. Err, worse, I suppose. Matt Ryan gave them 22 points and 24 points from the Chiefs DEF (46 combined) and nothing else in double digits. This game felt like it was over on Thursday, but the TDs could have had a chance. But they didnít, because theyíre the TDs.

BOS (106.16) vs. ATX (65.16) -- Newcomer from Boston (making an educated guess here) took on old timer Austin Blahas in a battle royale. OK, not so much a royale but more of a bludgeoning of the old guy by the new as the Blahaís lost by over 40 points. LeSean McCoy (21.45) and the Dallas DEF (21) were the top dogs on BOS. Throw in 4 more players in double digits and it was an easy victory. The Blahaís only saw two players (Brady, 14.5, Daniels, 15) reach double digits as it was a long weekend watching not much of anything else.

Coach of the Week

It has to go to the Kitties this week. They got fortunate with the autopicker homering for them, but it was smart coaching to look at the matchups and go to the waiver wire and get a DST that would be in a better place to win.

Kotite of the Week

Sorry, but itís gotta be the CGI Robots. Live draft picks and they stunk it up to the lowest score in the league, and itís doubly so if you include benches.

A Look Ahead

Thursday night football all year so make sure your lineups are set.

The Commishís Ink

There is some talk that the rosters are too damn big with 14 teams in the league and the waiver wire is some slim pickens. Weíll see how the league shakes out and consider it for next season assuming we still have 14 teams.

The scoring system needed some adjusting following the Thursday night game. If you noticed some scores changing thatís why. The main change was passing for 1 point for 10 yards to 1 for 20 to keep in line with our changes at CBS. Also the bonuses were cumulative so they had to be adjusted, too.

There was an issue with the Leet Doodz losing a point when Welkah fumbled on a punt return. Unfortunately such situations are tied to a player and not the team, for whatever reason. It is ďabove my paygrade,Ē as they say, and not something that I can address. Itís unfortunate, but hopefully rare and in this case did not factor into the game.

This section wonít necessarily be here all year. I suppose if the zombie policy needs to be enforced, or other league matters crop up, it will be done so here.

General Shit

Lots of ugly football this weekend. I have to believe that the new CBA limiting practices and coachís  reluctance, other than Rex Ryan, to play starters in pre-season all contribute to this sorry display of football. I even consider the TD record that was set a symptom of this, too. Hopefully better football returns in week 2.

Oddities of fantasy scoring, Eli finished a hair ahead of Kaepernick in scoring.

Take solace, Trunks, Redbeards had the lowest performing bench with 8.5 points. So thatís something, right? Right?

The newcomer Monkees already had enough of that name and tried to sidle up closer to the Armchair by changing their name to ďLeíVeon A PrayerĒ, Little do they that shit doesnít work! The Armchair isnít a native of the Garden State, so the yolks on you!

The Prayerís probably scored a point with the Outlaws, though.

Itís late, allow my me bad puns.


Woo, football!

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#18 by Matt Perkins
2013-09-11 07:07:19
PA Marinos get no love again.

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#19 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-18 07:12:40
The PCFFL Coach's Armchair Week 2

I had expected to write this on the eve of GTAV but never got around to it. Instead Los Santos sits downstairs right now and here I am pecking away at my keyboard for you, my fan. I digress, we wrap up week 2 in the PCFFL where the last remnants of new season smell waft away to be replaced by hope, fear, or a combination of the two. Hopefully you got at least one win and arenít staring down the barrel of a possible 0-3 start that will wreck your post-season chances. Anyway, on to the show.

Weekly Recap

Jersey Devils (95.1) vs. San Francisco CG Robots (86.99) -- The Robots had a good bounce back from last weeks Kotite of a show but ran face first into an Aaron Rodgers buzzsaw. Rodgers threw up a sick 41.45 points (highest among starters this week) for the Devils to lead them to the victory. Add in 21 points from the Shehawks DEF and 17.55 from Steve Johnson the Devils had just enough to hold the victory. The Robots went into Monday night with a sliver of hope with Antonio Brown yet to play on Monday but the pathetic Steelers did him no favors. High scorer on the Robots was Mike Wallace with 17.75, but another 4 players crossed double digits to make it close.

PA Marinos (57.11) vs Cherry Hill Chumps (63.29) -- There were two teams that scored less points than the Chumps this week and was their luck that the Marinos were one of them. A close, but pathetic game, couldnít even muster a combined score that would put them on the top for the league. The Chumps got 20.95 points from Jimmy Graham along with two more players that broke 10 to put them in front of the Marinos. The Marinos only had two players, Brandon Marshall with 17.65 and Matthew Stafford with 16.61, cross in double digits. Their next highest scorer on their team was the Falcons DEF with 6. The sad thing is their bench outscored the starters. That is not a winning formula in this league.

Arizona Outlaws (72.74) vs Utah Teen Brides (139.56) -- The Teen Brides stood pat and were rewarded for their effort. Vick scored 35.61, Lynch 24.75 and Jones 21.10 to lead the Brides to the highest score of the week. Dez Bryant led the Outlaws with 19.05. 3 other players crossed into double digits and yet somehow the Outlaws still ended up with 70+ points. The  bench, though, looks like trouble, only getting them 9.96. That does not bode well for later in the season.

Leet Doodz (71.45) vs BC Adorable Kitties (57.14) -- The Leet Doodz evened up their record by jumping on RG3s back. He lead with 28.45 points while the Kittehs only had one player in double digits, Jordy Nelson with 15.3 points. The Kitties were riding the homer 49ers train that ran off the tracks in Seattle.  Kaepernick stunk it up for -.11 points. Thankfully that game at SEA is but once a (regular) season.

Arkansas TDs (72.08) vs Taking One For The Team (75.77) -- The only matchup of week one losers saw the closest game of the week separated by a measly 3.69 points. Gabe made some changes to his WR corp and promptly saw them pile up points on the bench. However, the TDs left more points on the bench and came up short in the end. Luck led the Teams with 18.32 points who had 3 more players contributing to double digits. The TDs had 25 from Matt Ryan and 6 other players scoring 7 or less, 4 of them scoring less than 5 points.

Austin Blahas (57.90) vs Downunder Redbeards (79.33) -- The Homer Blahaís left their highest scoring homer on the bench, D. Hopkins and his 17.85 points, in favor of starting a Raider.. Instead they had to settle for 14 from the Bucs DEF for their top scorer this week (and only 1 more player in doubles).  The soon to be married Redbeards had 4 players cross double digits, with Cam Newton on top with 15.33 points, which was all that they needed to polish off the Blahas.

LeíVeon A Prayer (83.26) vs Vancouver Rough Riders (104.44) -- Newbie Prayers were brought crashing back to earth when they faced off against somewhat perennial power *cough* house Rough Riders. Peyton returned to merely superhuman this week to lead the Riders with 23.99 points. They got another 23.8 from Megatron to blow the game open and trounce the Prayers. DeSean Jackson lead the Prayers with 21.65, but LeSean McCoy on second hook with 14.35 was not nearly enough to keep pace with the Riders.

Coach of the Week

Can I give this to the inanimate carbon rod? The Brides stood pat with draft day, so I canít give it to them. Grudgingly the Rough Riders may get some consideration since they actually made some moves in their roster since they werenít going to get a 7TD week from Peyton, but those moves accounted for little in the end.

Kotite of the Week

The Marinos bench outscored the starters.Thatís a picture perfect Kotite right there. Coupled with it being a close game where one move out of a half dozen would have gotten you the win, you get the Kotite.

Honorable mention: The TDs. They were in another close game and had a bench that was less than 7 points behind the starters in a game lost by less than 4 points.

Honorable mention 2: The Blahas. Go homer or go home! Also, Raiders? Donít care if itís against Jacksonville.

A Look Ahead

Rivalry week! The undefeated Chumps take on the undefeated cross state nemesis Devils, while out west sees the 2-0 hated Redbeards marching in on the equally hated 2-0 Vancouver Rougher Riders. Fun times.

Down in the cellar either the TDs or the Robots will break their schneid and get into the win column. The other will get into the wino column and drown their sorrows at a lost season before October dawns.

The Commishís Ink

No new comments about anything, so we presume everything is honky dory.

General Shit

Tough to tell if anyone is a zombie yet or are standing pat because itís still early and there are no byes. Iím looking at you Teen Brides.

Too many NFC east players on the Prayers, I think. More than 1 is too many incase youíre wondering, they have 4 starters.

The NFC east stinks in case you were wondering.

Who knew the Bucs would be a bigger coaching mess than the Jets?

I do not think the Giants are the worst in the NFC east, but they sure as shit arenít the best.

One comment between armchairs is not a harbinger of good things.

Oops, maybe Iím wrong, Eli just committed another turnover.


Terrible week for coaches, 3 Kotites and 1 rod.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#20 by yotsuya
2013-09-18 07:19:26
Yeah, it's going to be a long season for the Outlaws, fortunately, 20+ years as an Arizona Cardinals fan has properly prepared me to deal with it.

#21 by lwf
2013-09-18 07:21:45
I comment in IRC about the armchair.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#22 by lwf
2013-09-18 07:21:55
But I expect the armchair to stay here.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#23 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-18 16:20:37
Yeah, it's going to be a long season for the Outlaws, fortunately, 20+ years as an Arizona Cardinals fan has properly prepared me to deal with it.

I comment in IRC about the armchair.

You don't talk there, either.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#24 by jafd
2013-09-19 14:07:24
Most likely, few saw my earlier announcement: I have come to have an appreciation for sports. I would like to associate in this thread to learn, if those of you potent and presence are of a willing mind.

Also, fuck your mother. For old times' sake. Hey, remember when I went to the Mariners' no-hitter? Good times, good times.

Whoa, hang on, I just got a scan of someone's mom while re-reading that line. When did we start getting porn fed into our eyeballs?

*slowly reaches for keys*

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#25 by jafd
2013-09-19 14:10:59
Oh, so there is, in fact, IRC. As I recall, IN FACT, the last time I was there, I said hello, everyone said goodbye, and the entire server vanished out from under me, and so, I could not connect.

I would presume that this is a salt mine deposit? So it would seem. Thank you for the intel, lwf.

Is there anything else I can do for you in return? You would look really nice in that turquoise sundress. Tell me how to tell it to you slow.

Wow. The mind bleeds. Some of you are really into this eyeball porn. I'll catch up and let you know when I'm done with the third blond. Or, at least, tired.

I am really getting tired of these /groan jokes, by the way. It isn't me holding it in!

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#26 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-19 21:48:52
Commissioner disclosure.

I was picking up a player on IR to move to my RES spot. I had selected the Giants DST to drop since I couldn't add them to the RES right away, but it dropped the Seahawks. I did not intend to do this and don't know why it was done (seriously, who would drop the Seahawks DST for the Giants?). There is a small chance it was user error. I tried to re-add immediately, but it was added to the waiver wire. Therefore I used commissioner tools to add them back. If anyone has a issue with this, air your grievance now.

Speaking of the RES spot the player needs to be on IR or be suspended to use it. In the default drag and drop interface I could not get this to work. I switched to classic view and I was able to assign the RES spot via a drop down.

Suffice to say I find some of this website wonky.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#27 by Shadarr
2013-09-20 00:34:13
"Speaking of the RES spot the player needs to be on IR or be suspended to use it."

What about PUP?

"I hope you one day decide to smarten the fuck up so I can stand to look at your posts." - gaggle
#28 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-20 00:38:50
Yes, that appears to be the case. link.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#29 by lwf
2013-09-20 04:27:58
The season is ruined.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#30 by jafd
2013-09-20 06:29:42
Hey, I'm not interrupting here, I sincerely want to mention that I honestly do find this shit fascinating now. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss these things, because this shit reads like stereo instructions.

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#31 by jafd
2013-09-20 06:30:14
Now with more poop!

"You've just defined what's rude for everyone, not just you. Thanks, I needed help with that." - Matt P
#32 by G-Man
2013-09-21 15:36:56
Cheesy: I thought you swore never to get another GTA game?
#33 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-22 03:37:48
Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in!

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#34 by G-Man
2013-09-22 06:37:56
So what's the verdict? Also have you played SR4?
#35 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-22 20:40:44
It's far too early for a verdict, but all the signs point to it being a much, much better game than GTAIV. I haven't been on a single man date, there are continue points in story missions and if you fail a bit too much the game will let you skip past it. Those few things make the gamer quality of life much better than IV. Throw in the huge area of Los Santos / Blaine County and you have a pretty good open world. That said, I'm early and only messed around a bit and don't know if the activities and sandbox are all that yet, but there's a tank and fighter jets, so.

I have indeed played SR4. It's pretty great. The world is a carbon copy of SR3 but all of the superpowers make it feel like something new. I have a few qualms about it but nothing to keep anyone that enjoyed any of the previous ones from getting it.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#36 by CheesyPoof
2013-09-26 02:48:18
The PCFFL Coach's Armchair Week 3

At 4:44 pm EDT we ushered out summer 2013 and welcomed in fall 2013. Roughly a scant 45 minutes prior the Giants saw their season flushed down the drain losing 38-0 to the Carolina Panthers. Itís ignominious to be out of contention in this league before fall. I suppose what I am saying is that I the PCFFL is now my primary rooting interesting in football now. This is what it feels like to be a Cardinals/Browns/Lions fan, huh? It stinks! Anyway, enough of my tiny violin playing, on to the recaps.

Weekly Recap

Jersey Devils (46.3)vs. Cherry Hill Chumps (91.91) -- The battle of Jersey went out with a whimper as the Devils couldnít even muster up a defense worth of a pork roll. The Devils had only one player in double digits, the Seahawks DEF with 12 points, and left gimpy old Reggie Bush on the roster to score zero. The Chumps lucked out in starting Alex Smith over Eli Manning, despite their coach lamenting the fact on Friday, relatively speaking, as the QB play was not a highlight. Jimmey Graham lead the Chumps with 24.7 points, which was over half the Devils totals. Throw in four more players in doubles and you had an easy game.

Arizona Outlaws (82.44) vs. PA Marinos (41.50) -- The Outlaws almost doubled up the Marinos in this matchup. AZ had two players in the 20s, Wilson (25.75) and da Bears DEF (21.00) to knock out the Marinos. The pitiful Marinos had one player in double digits, Matt Stafford with 23.80 and 7 under 5 (the unaccounted starter he in the lineup had 7 points if you were wondering). It was a thoroughly lackluster of a game only saved (relatively speaking) by Wilson.

Utah Teen Brides (70.62) vs. Leet Doodz (45.27) -- The Bengals DEF, of all things, led the (zombie?) Teen Brides 4 double digit scorers with 18.00 points to their victory over the Leet Doodz. The Leet Doodz didnít do themselves any favors by setting up a roster that had more points on the bench than on the field. Only two players in double digits, with RG3 on top with 11.37, while 5 under 5 doomed the Doodz. The bench had 3 doubles mocking their coach.

SF CG Robots (101.29) vs. Arkansas TDs (69.02) -- The Robots left no doubt in anyones mind that they are the best of the worst and smacked down the TDs. Standout performances from Brees (35.89) and Antonio Brown (27.80) were almost all the Robots needed to win. The TDs had 3 players in double digits with Decker leading with 18.65, but 4 players scoring 5.40 or less hurt them in this game.

BC Adorable Kitties (25.80) vs. Austin Blahas (62.65) -- Homer Bowl! Too bad both of the homers suck, but the 49ers sucked more. Turning in a second terrible game, against the Colts at home nonetheless, the 49ers dragged the Kitties down with them. Featuring no players in double digits the Kitties were led by kicker Blair Walsh with 9, and in distant second was Jordy Nelson with 4.65. The Kittie bench, however, was stellar (in comparison at least) with 3 players in double digits and 52.96 points languishing on the bench. The Blahas had 3 players in double digits and DeMarc Murrayís 22.15 almost single handedly beat the Kitties.

Taking One for the Team (79.18) vs. LeíVeon A Prayer (75.58) -- The Gabes are going to go for the best record, and most heartburn, in close wins this year. The Gabes took a Westbrooking with Jamal Charles getting more all purpose yards than McCoy, but getting less points for having the audacity to catch some balls. Such is life in the PCFFL. The Gabes were led by Jordan Cameron with 21.30 points and two others in double digits. They had to sweat out a garbage time Denver DEF against Oakland, of all teams, but they held on enough to ensure the Gabes win. The Prayers had 3 players in double digits led by McCoy with 19.90, however had 3 under 5. On the Prayers bench were two players in the 20s that didnít help ease the sting of a close loss.

Downunder Redbeards (79.41) vs. Vancouver Rough Riders (101.45) -- The other marquee matchup of the weekend saw a much more competitive game as the hated not-a-Redbeards fell the the equally hated Rough Riders. The Rough Riders, top scoring team by 0.16 of a point, climbed back on P. Moneyís back and rode that golden arm to 30.38 points. Add in a Raves DEF with 21 and another 3 in double digits and it was too much for the Redbeards Cam Newton (28.71 points). The Redbeards tried, but only one other player made it to double digits, there were too many coulda, shoulda, wouldas on the Oz team.

Coach of the Week

Of all the coaches that won this week, only one made a move that ensure their win. The Gabes moved James Jones over Eddie Royal whose +7.05 points were the difference in their game. The Gabes get the CotW.

Kotite of the Week

Itís not just that they led the league in scoring this week, but that more than enough points were on the bench to help them win the game. This weekís Kotite goes to the Kitties, and the 49ers.

Dishonorable mention to the Leet Doodz with a bench that outscored their starters and plenty of orphaned points to pick up the win.

A Look Ahead

Show yourselves, zombies! Bye weeks start so weíll see who is paying attention to their teams. Green Bay and Carolina sit this week, so make sure you get your subs in.

The Commishís Ink

Iíd like to talk a little bit more about the snafu that happened this past week. If you scroll up a little bit you can catch up on the backstory. Since this was not the first time I noticed the NFL, either, not saving what I thought it would (like draft order), or acting differently than CBS enough to cause trouble Iíd think that others maybe seeing these issues, too. If anything similar happens to you that is team impacting, please raise them quickly so that it may be resolved. In order for something to not smell fishy, I would expect people to make a post (here, or on the discussion area) not long after the error occurs. If it takes a few days to notice I feel that it may be too far long to not smell bad. What I am also saying is double check yourself, adds, drops, or trades, make sure they are executed correctly. Similarly with starting lineups since that RES spot was flaky for me too.

General Shit

I feel that the NFL should get outright get rid of kickoffs instead of this facade.

Are the 49ers going the way of the Jets and Rex Ryan? Maybe a stretch but there are some interesting parallels. Helps that the niners have the jerky Harbaugh.

Can we get a new call signal other than Omaha? Watch a Manning play and thatís all that you hear.

I got ahead on this, but then GTA put me behind. I hope to at least get (any?) future armchairís out on Tuesdays.

Maybe a Thursday night game is what SF needs to right themselves, no time to dwell, move ahead to the next opponent.

You see, itís not just the high scorers that get the CotW.

Speaking of, no shortage of Kotites this year.

I would like to close this edition by giving a heartfelt congratulations to the not-a-redbeards manager, m0nty, on his marriage! It was a short two years ago when he was out this way for Crappalooza enjoying his bachelorhood, and now he returns with a bride in tow (and no Crappers on the sked, as it should be). That should take some of the sting out of losing to the Rough Riders.


Gratz m0nty!

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#37 by lwf
2013-09-26 05:10:48
Sorry if I ruined your special day, m0nty.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#38 by yotsuya
2013-10-01 06:07:33
Hooray Marquis Colston giving that THAT much more effort tonight!

#39 by lwf
2013-10-05 04:09:36
Armchair: I win again. And the Chumps too.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#40 by yotsuya
2013-10-08 05:52:22
I'm 3-2 with all three of my FFL teams. Weird.

#41 by lwf
2013-10-10 06:41:35
Lwfchair: Another win for lwf!

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#42 by lwf
2013-10-10 07:16:45
I wonder if I could field a team of Peyton, players on IR, plus the Jags DST, and still go 16-0.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#43 by Wudi
2013-10-11 01:21:22
YawnChair: Week...4? 5?

Nothing exciting happened this week as the Steelers didn't get to play ( and lose). AGAIN.


w0rd up!
#44 by Wudi
2013-10-15 01:40:06
YawnChair: Week...5? 6?

Yay Steelers! Finally a win. Coach Black Guy exclaims we are really only 0-2 in the division at 1/2 time, give me a win!!! Keep up the good work Rothleshamburgler.


w0rd up!
#45 by Matt Perkins
2013-11-06 04:59:06
Sure, Manning was on bye, but so was my starting QB and blew the number one guy in the league out of the water! Black Flag award mother bitches!

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#46 by lwf
2013-11-07 06:38:21
GG Matt.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#47 by m0nty
2013-11-07 12:38:21
Heavyweight clash between myself and Sudheer, McBain's friend, ending with Forte winning it for me in Q4 of MNF.

Need to back it up against Perkins though if I want to pinch top spot in Joker - the one true division.
#48 by Matt Perkins
2013-11-08 19:16:35
Yeah, you got me by the numbers. Hoping my guys can over perform as they did last week!

"programmers talk from a very deep gnome cavern, full of gold mechanics" - wisdom from the ancients
#49 by lwf
2013-11-12 17:33:21
Hooray Matt, you did it!

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
#50 by eggbert
2013-11-13 06:14:29
Yeah, I'm done.

So this is probably sour grapes, but I think 14 teams is too many with our structure, the waiver wire is a ghost town. I lost two running backs this week, I don't think I can start a first string running back next week. We probably should have cut a bench spot to keep the number of players taken similar.

I've been more invested in my work league lately, even though I'm not doing so hot there either. I really do think having an auction makes a big difference in how invested in your team you are; it's more personal when you've picked the players you want, versus whoever's fallen to you.
#51 by CheesyPoof
2013-11-13 06:21:14
No zombies! Too bad all good Jeremey did was sign up and went zombie right away.

Lessons learned, 14 is too many, 12 is a nice sweet spot. Could probably lose a roster spot or two, too. My team has shit the bed, but what are you gonna do, I'm still scrounging to make moves.

<Hugin_len> Basically, cheesy doesn't have awful taste in music, he's simply very white.
#52 by Shadarr
2013-11-13 23:07:32
Yeah, the waiver wire is a ghost town and injuries have killed any chance I may have had. Oh well, what're ya gonna do?

"I hope you one day decide to smarten the fuck up so I can stand to look at your posts." - gaggle
#53 by Shadarr
2013-11-13 23:09:12
Not go to France next year I guess is my biggest move.

"I hope you one day decide to smarten the fuck up so I can stand to look at your posts." - gaggle
#54 by lwf
2013-11-14 07:01:52
If you draft a running quarterback, you're gonna have a bad time.

Handsome like a coat hanger. Wii.
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